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Liam Neeson is one actor that deserves all of the good ratings and awards that he is given since that so many of the movies he makes are award winning themselves. In a typical circular Hollywood motion you will notice that great actors like Liam Neeson get more roles because they are great actors so their acting gets better and they star in more movies. Liam has won an OBE award plus an Oscar and a Golden Globe award. Changing his lifestyle from an English citizen he is now an American citizen since 2009 seeing as he is living and working there for most of his time. Liam was born in North Island and was what you might call a typical Irish catholic boy. After working for Guinness part time will finishing his university degree Liam then went on to be a teacher’s aid before his acting career. Liam was born in 1952 which makes him 58 years old this year and he is still acting in many different parts. Over the years his career has matured much like a Fisher Investments account would over time. Each year more and bigger role requests come in for Neeson. Each role he plays has added to his popularity over the last few years.

Liam started his career in 1981 when he played a role in the early movie Excalibur about the sword that won the hearts of the English country. Merlin and the sword were made the next year in 1982 which Liam played the role of Grak. In the movie the Bounty Liam plays a character called Churchill who is one an adventure to discover new lands. As one of the more active actors in this movie his fame was increased from her on where you will see the movies that Liam Neeson appearing in gets better and better each year. The next great movie was Suspect in 1987 which he played another top role next to some other good actors. It was his role in the 1993 blockbuster Schindler’s List which presented him with the opportunity of awards for acting.

Neeson was in just about all of the main scenes in Schindler’s list unless the scene was a depictive one. He plays the lead role of the WW2 movie which his character Schindler tries to save as many of the Jewish population as he can in the country that is being torn apart by the exterminators the Nazi’s. Some even more famous movies were The Phantom Menace as well as Attack of the Clones in the Star Wars number I and II movie. With Steven Spielberg behind him as his director there was a great display of acting and other great actors and actresses playing lead roles in both of these movies. Liam’s character in the Star Wars movies ends up dying in the Attack of the Clones movie which is why we do not see his return in the last Star Wars movie. Liam has also been asked to play the voice of two actors in cartoons such as the Simpsons as well as the animated Narnia Chronicle’s.