Interesting Facts on Liam Neeson

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Liam Neeson is a talented Irish actor, being considered one of the best actors in Hollywood at the moment. He was born on June 7, 1952, in Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, to a cook and a caretaker. At the early age of 11, he stepped on stage for the very first time, as a teacher gave him the lead in a school play. He instantly fell in love with the stage and continued acting in school productions in the following years. In 1977, after graduating from college, he got his first movie part, in the religious movie Pilgrim’s Progress. And the rest is history. Some of the most notable movies Liam is renowned for nowadays include Schindler’s List, Taken, Kinsey, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises, The Chronicles of Narnia, Love Actually, Unknown, Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, and many others. While his career has always been on the spotlight, there are still many interesting facts that people do not know about Liam.

Especially for his fans, here are some of them. Many people will agree that Liam is not the most handsome man in the world. However, he has a great attitude that got him ranked as one of the sexiest movie stars for many years and by many publications worldwide, including Empire magazine. He also has a great sense of humor. When asked what he thinks about he looks, Liam replied: “I never think of myself as handsome--terribly attractive, yes, but not handsome”. And he sure is right! Having in mind that he was even considered for the role of James Bond in GoldenEye, he clearly has the looks.

Liam Neeson has the looks, the talent and the brains. He is not fond of tabloids and even sued several trials against newspapers claiming that his marriage was in trouble back in 1998. 2009 was a hard year for Liam, since it marked the death of his beloved wife Natasha Richardson. Few people know this, but Liam was a boxer in his teenage years. He even broke his nose at the age of 15 and blacked out after one of his fights, which caused him to give up this passion. Regarding his hobbies, Liam loves fly-fishing. He suffers from acrophobia and is a National Goodwill Ambassador to Ireland. As you can see, there is so much more to Liam Neeson than his looks and talent. He truly is a role model.

Liam Neeson Is A Talented and Versatile Actor

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Ever since I saw Schindler’s List, I just fell in love with Liam Neeson. He is one of my favourite Hollywood actors, who definitely knows how to portray a wide range of characters. Although nowadays Liam Neeson is one of the most respected and well known actors in Hollywood, he actually wanted to be a teacher. Liam Neeson was born in Northern Ireland and worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, truck driver, assistant architect and amateur boxer. Who would have thought that he would later join the Belfast Lyric Players Heater, where he made his debut. It was here that Liam Neeson was spotted by director John Boorman and was cast in the film Excalibur, 1981, which dealt with the Arthurian legend.

In the early stages of his career, Liam Neeson played various role in low budget movies, until he was noticed by director Steven Spielberg. Spielberg was so impressed by his performance in Nell, opposite Jodie Foster, that he offered him the role that would establish him as a wonderful actor, Oskar Schindler, from Schindler’s List. Liam Neeson was critically acclaimed for his performance and it later earned him a nomination for a Best Actor Oscar. Liam Neeson garnered BAFTA and Golden Globes nominations for Schindler’s List. The movie, thus, established him as a very sought after actor. Liam Neeson went on to star, opposite John Malcovich, as Jean Valjean in the 1998 adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

Here is some interesting information about Liam Neeson that you probably do not know. In his career’s recent years, Liam Neeson has often taken roles in which he is a mentor, trainer, father figure to a younger man, as in Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, Gangs of New York and Star Wars Episode I --  The Phantom Menace. His character often must die early in the movie so that the young man can apply the Neeson character’s lessons to his ongoing struggle. Moreover, Liam Neeson frequently portrays characters based on real people, such as Rob Roy, Oskar Schindler, Michael Collins or Alfred Kinsey. Regardless of the role, Liam Neeson is a wonderful actor who can play in almost any role and receive positive critics.

Liam Neeson Personal Life

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Liam Neeson is one of the most talented and appreciated actors at the moment. With a long time career in the movie industry, Liam Neeson is considered to be a complex star. Nominated for his work in various award ceremonies, Liam Neeson has won many trophies, as a recognition for his high quality performances and impressive projects. Liam Neeson has mostly achieved worldwide fame with his role in Schindler’s List. Still, the actor is well known for his great parts in many other movies, including Suspect, Michael Collins, Love Actually, Kinsey, Five Minutes of Heaven and also Taken.

Liam Neeson has managed to always remain committed to his career, staying away of all kind of scandals when it comes to his personal life. He first married in June 1994. Unfortunately, Liam Neeson had to overcome a tragic event, the star loosing his wife in 2009. She died because of a head injury during a skiing accident. This moment seems to have deeply marked Liam Neeson, as he declared in many interviews. The actor and his wife had two sons together, Michael and Daniel. After the death of his wife, Liam Neeson decided to quit smoking, although he has been a smoker for a long period of time.

Starting with the year 2011, Liam Neeson has been given a great honor. The actor was named a UNICEF Ambassador for Goodwill. A controversy raised around Liam Neeson’s decisions linked to his personal life when the star publicly announced that he wanted to leave catholicism and convert to Islam. It seems that the star’s decision was taken after the period of time he spend in Turkey, while filming in Istanbul. Reports on this last news broke in January 2012, but no confirmation was issued by the actor. Anyway, despite the choices and events in his personal life, Liam Neeson has always been committed to his acting career. And all the performances he achieved until now have been really appreciated by fans and critics equally. Liam Neeson is without a doubt a great star and one of the most talented actors in the world.

Liam Neeson Is Very Gifted

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Liam Neeson proved so many times, through the difficult roles he portrayed over the years, that he is a very gifted actor. During is career, Liam Neeson received many awards and nominations, having many fans all over the world. His contribution to entertainment industry was huge and was also rewarded with important awards. Before becoming an actor, Liam Neeson had many jobs, but had nothing to do with acting. He was a lift operator, as well as a truck diver. Nonetheless, Liam Neeson never gave up to his dream of becoming an actor.

Perhaps one of the best thing that he did for his career, was to move to Hollywood where Liam Neeson had many chances to be discovered by someone and become an actor. Fortunately, Liam Neeson was lucky and that was the first important step in his career. The main films of Liam Neeson are Mice and Men, Excalibur, Nell, The Bounty, The Mission, Star Wars, Taken, After Life, Chloe, as well as Schindler’s List. The latter was the most important film because it catapulted his career and made  Liam Neeson  famous and it was also the time when he became known as a great actor.

Regarding his personal life, Liam Neeson was always a discrete man. He stayed always from tabloids and scandals, trying, in his free time, to stay as much as possible with his family and relax. Each role portrayed by Liam Neeson is a a success. He has his own style of making the character authentic. Liam Neeson is also an UNICEF ambassador, trying to give back. Ireland, the country where he was born, offered him an important award named the Performing Arts Award from the American Ireland Fund. It is an important distinction and also a proof that the actor is very appreciated for his talent. The most recent film in which he acts is named Unknown, a thriller. He also has important plans for 2012. As the Performing Arts Award from the American Ireland Fund is one of the moist important actors in the world, you should watch a film in which he play to observe his great talent.

Liam Neeson Nominations And Awards

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Liam Neeson has been given numerous honors over the course of his career for his amazing talent and his great contribution to the entertainment industry. He has been featured in many blockbuster films, the most famous ones of them all being: Schindler’s List, Star Wars, Batman Begins and Chronicles of Narnia. The reputation that Liam Neeson constructed throughout the years has provided him the title of one of the best actors in the field and with many roles that showcased his great talent.

In the film industry, the roles that Liam Neeson interpreted managed to provide him with a series of nominations and awards. In 1990, Liam Neeson was nominated at the Saturn Award for the Best Actor category, for his interpretation in Darkman. In 1993, the part of Oskar Schindler, in the film Schindler’s List, got him four nominations (London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor -- Motion Picture Drama, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Academy Award for Best Actor) and a trophy from the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for the Best Actor category. In 1996, his interpretation in Michael Collins gave Liam Neeson the opportunity to receive another award from Evening Standard British Film, for the Best Actor Volpi Cup. In addition to this, he was also nominated for a Golden Globe and a Chicago Film Critics Association Award. The role of Qui-Gon Jinn, from Star Wars, provided Liam Neeson with a nomination for Best Actor at the Saturn Awards. Playing Alfred Kinsey, in the film Kinsey, gained another long series of nominations for Liam Neeson, in 2004, and several awards, one of them being for Best Actor at the Irish Film Awards.

In addition to the numerous awards that Liam Neeson had received for his outstanding career, he also was given several honors for his charitable actions and his strong values that have influenced many people. One of the most important honors of this kind was the Order of the British Empire given at the 1999 New Year Honors, by Queen Elizabeth II.