An OBE for actor Liam Neeson

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The biggest single role that has won dozens of awards including best actor and best movie would have to be for Schindler’s List starring Liam Neeson as Schindler himself. This was a very powerful movie about the holocaust which killed millions of Jewish people during the Second World War. Schindler was a non fictional character that helped many of the Jewish people live because he was able to offer them work. Little children would work in his factories so that they would not be sent off to the firing squad or even worse the gas chamber. Schindler was able to give his own back by making parts for the Nazi’s which did not work like explosives and ammunition that was worthless. Liam has had many other roles as an actor but this role as Schindler would have done the greatest thing for his reputation as an actor not only because of his great acting but also because the movie itself was such a success.

Another one of Liam’s movie roles was as Qui-Gon Jinn who was a Jedi Knight in the first of the Star War series which was actually the forth movie made by Lucas. Unfortunately for Liam his character died in a final battle at the end of the movie which meant that he could not move onto the next movies like Ewan McGregor who made it through all three of the series. Love actually is another movie which stars Liam in it and is one that should be seen because of the movie itself as well as the actors. He played a role as one of the voices in the Simpson TV series. Father Sean was his name in this series which he played the role for on a few different occasions. He was also the voice of Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia which was a very big box office hit when it first came out and is now one of the more popular selling DVDs for kids to watch. In 2010 we look forward to seeing him play the role of a God in the movie Clash of the Titans which will be screening in a few months time.