Liam Neeson stars in Star Wars

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Liam Neeson is one well known actor however he is also known for being an animal activist as well as a human rights supporter. It is great to see these top name celebrities doing good for the more unfortunate people of the world as well as standing up for their beliefs. Because Liam is a well respected celebrity actor he has a lot of pull with the public which means that he can get the message across because people will listen to him. An Irish Actor Liam was born in 1952 and is 58 years old this year however you would have never guessed this was his age after the amount of effort he puts into his scenes on the big screen. It was in his young teens that Liam first got a role which put him in front of an audience even though he was not going to appear on TV for this acting. Later we will notice that in his career most directors ask him to try out for the parts they want him for in their films because he is such a great actor although very busy.

Merlin and the Sword was one of the first parts that Liam did onscreen and was a good boost for his actor’s status however it was the movie Schindler’s List which gave him worldwide recognition as awards and prestige were placed at his feet. In 1999 the next generation of Star Wars movies came out and even though Liam had a major role his character was killed at the end of the movie which meant he would not be in the next two movies of star wars even though his voice was heard as a ghost. Like many actors of these days Liam played a role as an animated character in the Chronicles of Narnia where he played the main character Aslan the Lion. This year you can see him in another great film from the old series the A-team which is another lead role under his belt.