Liam Neeson – A Huge Talent

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Liam John Neeson or better known as Liam Neeson is an Irish actor and is one of my favorite. Born on 7 June, 1952,  Liam Neeson received several awards during his career and he portrayed difficult characters in several famous and amazing films. The most popular and successful films in which  Liam Neeson acted are “Star Wars”, “Schindler’s List”, “The Chronicals Of Narnia”, “Excalibur” and many others. One of the amazing films that brought him a lot of fame is called “Nell”. It was a difficult role, but  Liam Neeson was successful and very talented. 

“Nell” is a drama film from 1994 in which Liam Neeson acted along with Jodie Foster. The film is about an isolated young woman who lived in a cabin and she has huge difficulties in socializing with people. Liam Neeson is doctor Jerry Lovell. He finds the young woman and he observes that she can hardly speak and that she has her own language. The “wild child” is helped and she finally recovers. After five years, the two doctors come back to Nell’s home with their own daughter and she is now able to talk with people. It is an interesting story that captured not only my attention, but impressed a lot of people, too. Liam Neeson is very talented and he played different roles during his career, so he is very versatile, this is why I appreciate him so much. 

He is one of the best paid actors from Hollywood and each film in which he acts, will certainly be a success. Before becoming an actors, Liam Neeson was a driver and it took him a while to work in an artistic field, but he did not give up and the results are wonderful. He quit smoking and he became an UNICEF ambassador, fighting for good causes. You must watch one of his films in case you have not seen one yet. You will surely be impressed by his talents, so pay attention to how he acts. This actor is very valuable for American films history, so you must watch at least one of his films!