Liam Neeson Is Very Gifted

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Liam Neeson proved so many times, through the difficult roles he portrayed over the years, that he is a very gifted actor. During is career, Liam Neeson received many awards and nominations, having many fans all over the world. His contribution to entertainment industry was huge and was also rewarded with important awards. Before becoming an actor, Liam Neeson had many jobs, but had nothing to do with acting. He was a lift operator, as well as a truck diver. Nonetheless, Liam Neeson never gave up to his dream of becoming an actor.

Perhaps one of the best thing that he did for his career, was to move to Hollywood where Liam Neeson had many chances to be discovered by someone and become an actor. Fortunately, Liam Neeson was lucky and that was the first important step in his career. The main films of Liam Neeson are Mice and Men, Excalibur, Nell, The Bounty, The Mission, Star Wars, Taken, After Life, Chloe, as well as Schindler’s List. The latter was the most important film because it catapulted his career and made  Liam Neeson  famous and it was also the time when he became known as a great actor.

Regarding his personal life, Liam Neeson was always a discrete man. He stayed always from tabloids and scandals, trying, in his free time, to stay as much as possible with his family and relax. Each role portrayed by Liam Neeson is a a success. He has his own style of making the character authentic. Liam Neeson is also an UNICEF ambassador, trying to give back. Ireland, the country where he was born, offered him an important award named the Performing Arts Award from the American Ireland Fund. It is an important distinction and also a proof that the actor is very appreciated for his talent. The most recent film in which he acts is named Unknown, a thriller. He also has important plans for 2012. As the Performing Arts Award from the American Ireland Fund is one of the moist important actors in the world, you should watch a film in which he play to observe his great talent.