Liam Neeson – Star Wars, The Phantom Menace

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Liam Neeson has played the roles of many characters during his long career as an actor and will no doubt play the role of more in his future. One particular role that he was seen in was viewed by millions of Star Wars fans that watched Liam Neeson play the role of Qui-Gon Jinn in the first episode called the Phantom Menace.

The first episode of Star Wars even though it was the forth to be released starts the story off of how the intergalactic war began. In the beginning it was seen as a trade war however this was just the front for something more sinister. Two delegates from the Jedi Council were asked to negotiate with the traders however the blockage that is enforced around a planet destroys the Jedi Knight’s star ship and this begins the war.

Qui-Gon Jinn is the master Jedi who takes his young apprentice with him to learn the ways of the Jedi force. Liam Neeson plays the role perfectly as the leader of his duo and takes on the role of master and leader very well. Together the two Jedi manage to get back to the planet surface where they face an oncoming army. Their only hope is to establish communications with the Jedi Council and plead for help before it is too late.