Liam Neeson To Star In Gang Story

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Liam Neeson surely is one of the most famous and talented actors in Hollywood. So, there is no shock when this star is cast in a new movie. Now, reports indicate that Liam Neeson will take the lead role in upcoming movie Gang Story. The movie is directed by David Espinosa, who became famous for his work in Safe House, a very successful project and a much appreciated movie.

So, with this movie, fans will be able to see Liam Neeson is another role except for action and fight scenes. The story focuses on the life of Edmond “Mormon” Vidal, who became well known for his armed robberies back in the 1970s. Even though Edmond had given up that life, leaving everything behind, an unexpected event will take place to change it all. Edmond, who is 60 years old, will be contacted by an old friend, Serge Suttel, a notorious robber, who will manage to get him into trouble. The story actually shows how the past comes back to hunt Edmond, who seems to be unable to leave it all behind him.

Gang Story actually is the remake of a French movie, which was released in 2011. The movie, Les Lyonnais, also focused on the story of a former bank robber. Below you can watch the trailer for the original movie, directed by Olivier Marchal.

Filming for the new movie will probably occupy some of Liam Neeson’s time, even though the actor is expected to also work at Taken 3: Taken Not Stirred. Well, if Taken 3 will be released after all and when will this happen is something we are about to see. The future of this squeal has been put in incertitude, based on the limited success that Taken 2 has registered.

Which of these movies will be better and which one will be more successful is something we will surely find out soon. However, it is all a well known fact that Liam Neeson is an amazing actor, so his performances are expected to be great, regardless of the story we may be referring to.