Liam Neeson Worldwide Fame

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As well as many others, Liam Neeson had totally different jobs before becoming a famous actor. He was born 7 June 1952 and is one of the best actors in the world, known for his great and difficult roles. Liam is an Irish actor who was nominated many times and also received numerous important awards during his career. He acted in many films, but the most known and valuable are Schindler’s List, Taken, Star Wars, Kinsey, Batman Begins, Michael Collins, Excalibur, Nell, as well as Les Miserables, The Haunting, Love Actually. Nonetheless, he later acted in many other films which contributed to his amazing worldwide fame.

Liam was passionate about football, but he also worked at a famous brewery before becoming an actor. After graduating university, he had several jobs, but in 1976 he joined the Lyric Players’ Theatre in Belfast and performed there for two years. Later, he decided to move to Hollywood in order to pursue an acting career and he succeeded. His first important role was in Darkman that also brought his name to public attention, so that was a very important moment for his career. Steven Spielberg wad impressed by his performance in Nell, so he offered him the leading role in the film Schindler’s List, which was about Holocaust. This incredible film, which  was nominated for BAFTA and Golden Globes, as well as for Oscar, brought him international recognition.

Liam Neeson continued his acting career with great films such as Star Wars, Taken, Unknown and he also voiced for many video games and animations. He also hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, so his career is very complex and filled with a lot of incredible things. Liam Neeson is also famous for the role he had in the film Before and After, in which he played along with Meryl Streep. He also played himself in Life’s Too Short. His latest projects are The Next Three Days, Unknown and in 2012, he will act in The Grey. He has a lot of fans all around the world, being one of the best actors in the world, known for his great acting skills and incredible personality, but also for the roles he had in Schindler’s List and Nell.